Beach Houses

Beach house

Beach Houses

A reinvented classic. Loaded with convenient accessories such as extendable footstools, sunshade, table and handles. This 2-seater is available in the colours Charcoal and Harvest. Create your own world in the privacy of this 4 Seasons Outdoor beach chair.


The name of the weave says it already: Duet. This piece of furniture is woven with a combination of 22mm wide and 5mm round fibres. Available in the colours Duet Charcoal, Duet Pure, Duet Ice or Duet Provance. The Beach House comes in beautifully blended colours, is natural and durable and is delivered with a handy protective cover.

set afmeting

140 x 110 cm

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Design et qualité

The world's finest garden furniture

Coussins 4 saissons

L’eau passe directement à travers la mousse spéciale, tandis qu’un autre matériau, Dacron, s’assure que les coussins conservent leur forme originale.

10 ans de garantie sur Hularo

Hularo est le synonyme du top absolu en osier synthétique. Il est simple à nettoyer, solide et résistant aux rayons UV, à l’eau salée, aux lotions, au chlore et à l’alcool.

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