Galleria dining

Fine design

Its thickly woven edges and elegantly curved skirt base give the Galleria dining chair it characteristic design. The back and sides are woven from a single thread, making the chair lighter and easier to move. Standing slightly higher on its legs, the chair provides plenty of space for your legs. With its combination of straight and curved forms, the Galleria dining chair can be used with both rectangular and round tables.


The dining chair is made using the popular 5 mm round Pure Hularo weave. The aluminium frame has a several extra rods which ensure optimal stability. The grey Olefin cushion also guarantees good seating comfort. The table in the picture has a reclaimed teak top and 4 cone teak legs.

Spécifications du produit

Galleria dining - Chair
Longueur: 66
Largeur: 63
Hauteur: 86
Hauteur assisse: 44
Profondeur assisse: 46
Hauteur accoudoir: 67
Type: Chaise de jardin
Garantie: 10 jaar garantie
Référence article: 212076

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