Indigo Cosy Dining

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Indigo Cosy Dining

The Indigo cosy dining set provides a unique combination of dining and lounging. Ideal for enjoying an evening with friends. The higher seat gives a more active sit without compromising on the lounge feel. The Indigo cosy dining coffee table is also ideal for serving a delicious meal on. The table has two columns, giving plenty of room for your legs. Combine the modular set with the dining chairs for a complete look. Put the food on the table, fill up the glasses, turn on the music and the time will fly.


The Indigo is unique of its type. The set features a 5 mm round Rock Hularo weave and the table has a glass protector made of safety glass. The Olefin back cushions provide good support for the back and shoulders. The modular interlocking set is secured at the top, ensuring that the furniture stays put. The refined finish and strong aluminium frame are other great features. With its timeless feel, the Indigo cosy dining set looks at home in any garden.

set afmeting

270 x 210 cm

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Coussins 4 saissons

L’eau passe directement à travers la mousse spéciale, tandis qu’un autre matériau, Dacron, s’assure que les coussins conservent leur forme originale.

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Hularo est le synonyme du top absolu en osier synthétique. Il est simple à nettoyer, solide et résistant aux rayons UV, à l’eau salée, aux lotions, au chlore et à l’alcool.

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